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The Art of Kintsugi

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. Instead of hiding the breaking points, Kintsugi highlights the story of the dish and transforms it into art. Your business will never be flawless. You will always make mistakes.

Changing Behavior: The 12 Steps

As a mentor or coach, your toughtest job isn’t transferring your knowledge. It’s changing your clients’ behavior. One of the best organizations in the world at changing behaviors is Alcoholics Anonymous. They approach behavior change in 12 small steps. As

The Mentor/Coach Model

How do you scale up a one on one coaching program? I’m Chris Cooper, this is BusinessISGood. Today I’m going to tell you what is in between one on one mentorship and a big group coaching program. In the past,

Clarity and Cancellations

When your clients run out of future, they’ll quit. If they can’t see the ultimate goal, they’ll question why they’re in your coaching program. If they can’t see how your prescription will get them to that goal, they’ll be distracted

Outcome-Based Mentorship

Don’t teach what you know, give people what they need. This is BusinessIsGood. I’m Chris Cooper. And today we’re going to talk about outcome-based coaching. I’m going to cover this in three big topics. First, we’re going to talk about

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