A blog about businesses doing good.

Take care of yourself.

You’ve been on an airplane.

You’ve heard the preflight speech: “In the event of an emergency, put your own mask on before helping others.”

We’re not in business just for ourselves.

We’re in this for our families; for our clients; for our staff; and for our communities.

Right now, we’re all back in Founder Phase again, trying to figure out how to run a business in this new world. We’re all grinding, head-down, all-out.

This site exists to make you happy.

We’re going to share inspirational stories about business. We’re going to share funny stuff. We’re going to make you glad to be an entrepreneur.

But right now, you have to focus on being healthy. Making it through this crisis. Surviving.

In other words, you have to put on your own mask first.

Are you staying healthy? Exercising? Eating well? Sleeping?

If you’re struggling to maintain these habits yourself, find a coach.

If you’re going strong, share your daily routine in our Facebook Group!