The 5 Levels of Influence

Ask yourself: what level of leadership are you at now and what influence do you need to build to get to the next level? Respect to Chris Cooper and the information he’s distilling for us in this luminary and logical episode of Business Is Good. 

We all know the term “influencer” from social media these days, but what does real influence have to do with leadership? And, more importantly, how can you grow your business, your family, and your community by becoming a better leader by wielding more influence?

There are 5 levels of leadership that are worth understanding to gauge where you are. What those levels are — and how to level up — is what Chris is here to teach us. In between, he’s weaving personal stories that add gravitas to the theory while providing us with relatable contact points on how we can grow our level of influence. Please join us. 

“You can change how people view you as a leader and you can become a more impactful leader by improving your influence.” – Chris Cooper

In This Episode:

  • What are the 5 levels of influence? 
  • Understanding positional influence 
  • What is permission influence?
  • If you have a proven track record, do you wield production influence?
  • Appreciating respect and how people follow you because of who you are
  • Chris’s success with CrossFit and building a foundation of trust
  • Using data to show how you can help people
  • The importance of intent when creating media — showing people HOW and WHY

And more!


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition by Robert B. Cialdini:

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