The A-B-C Content Framework

How to Consistently Produce Better and Better Content.
In this episode, I tell you how to produce content for YouTube, your Podcast, your blog AND your social media…all at once!
Then I tell you how to use the media you produce to create a book, longform video or audiobook using a model we call “The Power of Ten.” (It’s how I wrote my last book, “Start A Gym”.)
I’ll start by telling you what each “level” of content means:
A – longform, big projects, like a book or film
B – shorter-form daily or weekly content, like a podcast, YouTube video or blog post
C – amplifiers, like reels, tweets, pictures or snippets.
Then I’ll tell you how to systemize the process to create MOUNDS of content from one recording.
Finally, I’ll tell you how to make your content better and better over time, so it doesn’t matter where you start!
Every company is a media company.
You MUST publish content.
Your first content doesn’t have to be great – you’ll bury the bad stuff with new stuff, as long as you keep getting better.
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