The Secret to “Bright Spots Friday”

Yesterday, I wrote that the secret to having a Perfect Day was to define your own perfect day. I said that “if you don’t record what your Perfect Day would be, you’ll never have one.”

The things that make us happy are actually happening all the time. We just don’t notice them, because we’re distracted by things that seem more urgent.

I want to make 1,000,000 entrepreneurs wealthy. Wealth is the freedom to be happy. To be happy, an entrepreneur has to be free from debt; free from time limitations; and also free from distractions.

Happiness isn’t something that just happens to you. Happiness doesn’t mean the absence of work or worry. Happiness is a practice. And the first exercise in that practice is to know what makes you happy.

The second exercise is Bright Spots: the ability to notice when good things are happening. Because most people don’t.

Most of us don’t have a single positive thought all day.

Most of us are pessimistic.

Most of us are plagued by self-doubt, self-comparison and sarcasm.

Most of us will never be happy, because we’re not trained to be. We’ve been feeding the wrong dog.

We do the “Bright Spots” exercise with entrepreneurs every Friday, because we want them to notice what’s going right. Since they’re entrepreneurs, most usually write about what’s going right in their business. And that’s great, because unhappy entrepreneurs fail: their clients won’t want to be around them; their staff will leave; and the entrepreneur will burn out.

We also want entrepreneurs to notice their success and avoid the trap of “more”. The Perfect Day exercise makes success achievable. The Bright Spots exercise keeps their compass pointing in the right direction.

Without noticing little wins, no entrepreneur will keep moving forward long enough to become wealthy. Because “wealth”, when undefined, will always be out of reach.

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