The Simple Six


Business is Good has never been better with ‘The Simple Six’ and Chris Cooper as your business mentor. The Simple Six is a process where you can grow any service-based business using the principle of incremental growth and compounding gains over time.

Join Chris as he outlines The Simple Six, explains the difference between strategies and tactics, and how to use The Simple Six every day to snowball your business growth. 

Chris has been mentoring entrepreneurs worldwide on how to get better results faster, and he’s developed these six actions you can take to fast-track your business success. Stick with Chris and you’ll appreciate that applying ‘The Simple Six’ each time is like turning a giant wheel for your business once — and that each time you do it, things will get a little bit easier.

“The first step to getting results is to be able to focus on one tactic at a time.” 

 – Chris Cooper

In This Episode:

– Increasing the number of clients you serve

– Increasing the value of each client that your business works with

– Increasing the length of engagement or the amount of time your clients spend in your business

– Valuing your time

– Measuring the return on investment on everything that you buy

– Calculating the amount that your business pays you

– How to go from strategy to tactic

– Doing a ‘Six Storm’

– What is your average revenue per month?

– Setting goals based on your strategies

– Choosing the easiest, fastest tactics

– Work on your business before you work in it

And more!

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