Top Tips for Speakers

To be a better leader, I know need to present my case better.

That means being more succinct in my message; more focused in my presentation; and carry more bass in my voice. 🙂

These are all lessons I’ve learned from my speaking coach in the last month.

(By the way, her name is Janice Tomich, and she’s amazing. Her site is

Today, I’ll share some quick tactics that will make you a better speaker in one week.

First, the exercises:

Next, the tips:

  1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them; then tell them; then tell them what you told them.
  2. “If they’re thinking, they’re not listening.” Don’t assume an analogy or story will sink in. Always call them back from your story to themselves. For example, in my story about the Black Spruce trees in one speech, Janice reminded me to tell the audience how the lesson applied to them. “The black spruce share resources, just like you share resources in our group”.
  3. Get them working. If your audience can take action–through a worksheet or exercise–while you’re onstage, your lesson will sink in better.
  4. Speak at half-speed. You talk faster than you think.
  5. Record yourself and play it back. Give it to a friend (or a coach like Janice!) for feedback if you can, but even listening to your talk yourself will help.

Finally, the hacks:

My business coach, Carrie Wilkerson, is also a professional singer and speaker. She shared these with me:

Vocalzone: throat lozenges without sugar. Sugar dries out and irritates your vocal cords. Click here:

Propolis throat spray: click here

Soma tea (you can probably find other sources, but this is the one I’m using – called “Throat Coat”)

My role in the fitness world now is really to pull gym owners together. My staff does the analysis, decides which tactics we teach, selects future mentors and even creates a lot of our content. If I disappeared, the machine would largely run without me.

That means I must improve the skills required to connect and inspire. One of those skills is speaking publicly. Having a coach like Janice Tomich made me a lot better (and way more confident) in less than three weeks. Hope these help you!

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