Why Your Kid Should Start a Business

Our kids are coming of age with greater control of their lives than ever before.

The old industrial model served us well. But its time is over.

Most of our kids will work on projects instead of punching a clock.

They’ll determine their income by the value they create for others, instead of whatever their boss/union/scale decides in advance.

They’ll have the opportunity to work as hard as they want to.

But if they don’t know how to leverage that opportunity, they’ll wind up working harder for less than we did.

To succeed in the new value economy, our kids need to:

1 – speak to people 1:1 or in a group

2 – sell their value

3 – complete projects without oversight

4 – govern their time and energy effectively

5 – manage their focus6 – control their own finances

7 – control their own bodies.

The skills of entrepreneurship are powerful teaching tools for almost all of these.

And while books and courses abound on each topic, most aren’t found in schools.

Luckily, most are easily learned by doing.

Opening a little business teaches most of these skills in a compounding, memorable way.

They don’t have to sell lemonade. But if they can’t speak intelligently, negotiate their own price, build on their own schedule and leverage their own smarts, they’ll always rely on someone else to do it for them.

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