Brand and Direct Marketing, Part 2

There are two types of marketing. Brand Marketing is your long term play. Direct Marketing is your short term play. In the second episode of this 2-part series, I’ll walk you through Direct Marketing.

Key points covered in the episode include:

Direct marketing strategies using online and in-person examples. 1:23

How direct marketing guides customers through a sales funnel with clear calls to action.

Direct marketing vs brand marketing strategies. 3:09

Tthe difference between direct marketing and brand marketing, using examples such as a baker knowing a customer’s preference for rye bread and a car dealership using retargeting ads on Facebook to reach interested buyers.

Facebook’s ability to target ads to specific demographics and interests allows car dealerships to reach warm leads more effectively than traditional brand marketing methods, such as buying millions of dollars worth of ads on television.

The importance of both brand and direct marketing for business success. 5:03

Direct marketing strategies like call centers and referral marketing can be effective, but require active effort.

Effective marketing strategies for small businesses. 6:33

Advice for small business owners on effective marketing strategies, emphasizing the importance of direct marketing over brand marketing.

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