Hiring Right: The Four Ps


  • Building a $25 million mentorship company and learning from mistakes.0:03
    • Chris Cooper shares lessons learned from building a $25 million mentorship company, including the importance of understanding why staff make mistakes.
  • Hiring process and staff improvement.0:40
    • Chris Cooper highlights the importance of hiring the right people by following a structured process, rather than relying on personal connections or assumptions about a candidate’s abilities.
    • Write down the process before hiring, then visualize success and measure it.
  • Hiring and measuring success in a business.4:03
    • Chris Cooper outlines metrics for success in hiring, including cleaner rating scale and salesperson closing rate.
  • Hiring and training staff with a focus on accountability and improvement.5:56
    • Chris considers hiring unqualified friend for social media management, struggles with firing them after poor performance.
    • Chris Cooper emphasizes the importance of polishing staff members through regular reviews to address areas of improvement.
  • Hiring and evaluating employees in a business.9:00
    • Chris Cooper struggles with managing staff, hires based on personal connections rather than teaching them proper processes.
    • Chris Cooper emphasizes the importance of following the four P’s of business: process, project, prospect, and polish.
    • He provides examples of how setting clear expectations and measuring success can help entrepreneurs avoid setting their friends or family members up for failure in their businesses.

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