On-ramping New Clients

No matter what kind of service business you own, you must carefully consider their first 3 visits into your service. These first 3 interactions set you up for long-term client retention…or early washout.

Chris Cooper emphasizes the importance of creating an onboarding process for clients in various businesses, providing essential training within the first three weeks or visits. He stresses the need to establish a strong relationship, set clear expectations, and reduce confusion or frustration down the line. By onboarding clients effectively, service providers can increase satisfaction and loyalty, leading to long-term success for both parties.

Action Items

  • [ ] Write down the habits of top clients and what they know that you want all clients to have.
  • [ ] Ask what a client needs to do to be successful long-term with your service.
  • [ ] Make sure the necessary training is delivered to new clients within the first 3 weeks.
  • [ ] Consider charging for the onboarding program.

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