Product/Market Fit


  • Identifying ideal clients and product market fit.0:01
    • Chris Cooper identifies the challenge of identifying ideal clients and explains the importance of product market fit for business growth.
    • He observes that businesses have a small group of loyal long-term clients and a larger group of newer clients with a higher churn rate, highlighting the need to serve the former for optimal growth.
  • Identifying and retaining ideal clients in a business.2:30
    • Chris Cooper emphasizes the importance of identifying and retaining the right clients for a sustainable business, rather than constantly bringing in new ones who may not have a long-term fit.
    • Product market fit is achieved when clients get the results they want and can afford the service, while bad fit occurs when clients are working towards a goal that they don’t care about.
    • Identify best clients by ranking top 10 clients by payment amount and happiness level.
    • Seed clients are those who appear on both lists, they are the best clients who get the most value from your service and make you happy to work with.
  • Understanding ideal clients through interviews.6:22
    • Chris Cooper advises business owners to ask potential clients about their needs and preferences to better serve them.
  • Identifying ideal clients and tailoring a business to meet their needs.7:53
    • Chris Cooper realized he wasn’t his own ideal client when a personal training client quit due to not fitting in with other clients in his gym.
    • To find good product market fit, Chris recommends identifying best clients through exercise and surveying only those clients, then identifying common traits among them to create avatars for marketing.
    • Chris tailors gym service to high-paying client after epiphany.
  • Finding product market fit and growing a business.11:34
    • Find product market fit by iterating and upgrading services based on client feedback, rather than appealing to a broad and vague market.
    • Focus on best clients, product market fit, and speed to reach goals.

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