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Daily Directive: 072020

Daily Update

Your business is as strong as your connections.

If you want to strengthen your business, strengthen your connections.

The sum of those connections is your local business ecosystem. When you grow, they grow. When they struggle, you do too.
This week, I’m going to tell you how to grow your connections, and how to grow your business based on those connections in turn.

Daily Lesson

If businesses are thriving, we build our local communities.. Period.

Read the rest here: https://twobrainbusiness.com/bringing-people-together-your-ecosystem/

Daily Directive

Introduce yourself to five spouses or friends of your clients.

In person is best. Phone is second-best. Facebook is third (but maybe all that’s possible right now.)
You don’t have to ask for their business. Simply thank them for supporting their spouse (your client.)