What’s In It For Them?

Every speech, every course, every workbook, every tool that you build must tell your audience:

“Here’s how this will help you.”

“Here’s why you must do this.”

“Here’s the prize waiting when you’ve finished.”

“Here’s why you should pay attention” (or pay you money).

More and more, your clients’ focus is divided. If you don’t tell them explicitly WHY they should do the work, they won’t know.

If you don’t make the connection between your analogies and their situation, they won’t understand.

If you don’t tell them how your story will benefit them, they’ll take a nap because it’s story time.

I’m guilty of telling stories with lessons that aren’t always obvious. But if the audience has to work to “get it”…they probably won’t.

Early on in my blogging career, someone responded to a post with this comment:

“These are interesting stories, but why don’t you just tell us exactly what to DO, instead of what NOT to do?”

That was a pivotal point for me. It’s much harder to say “do exactly this” than it is to say “stop doing that!” But our value, as coaches, is entirely in our ability to say “do exactly this”. To cut through the noise, the irrelevant information and the wandering generalities and say:

“This. This is the answer. Let’s do it together.”

Here’s how to present your material better:

  1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
  2. Tell them what’s in it for them–the free prize inside.
  3. Tell them your lesson.
  4. Give them an action.
  5. Tell them what you told them, what action to take, and the free prize they’re going to get.

What’s in it for you?

Removing complexity from your message will create faster action.

Clients will be more likely to sign up if you give them clear action. Get them off ‘maybe’.

Clients will be more likely to get results in your program if you say “do exactly this” and then hold them to it.

Clients will be more likely to refer others if you ask them to refer others.

Today, build a lesson using the 5 points above. Share your lesson in our free group here.

Simplicity scales faster. Incentives add rocket fuel. What’s in it for them?

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