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Episode 40: Steven McCoy

“I believe entrepreneurship and business development are key for Indigenous individuals, like myself, and communities, to escape situations of poverty and become sustainable, independent and positive contributors to the overall greater good while reclaiming our economic independence within the local,

4 Skills Every Mentor Needs

I own the largest mentorship practice in the world for gym owners. There are over 900 gyms currently in the program, each with their own 1:1 mentor. The mentors are trained, drilled, tested and taught nonstop. They’re quizzed on our

The Hedgehog Concept

In his book, “Good to Great”, Jim Collins shares 6 big ideas that great companies have in common.

The unifying theme of the companies in his book is that they didn’t start out great, but became great when they acted on these big ideas.

One of the biggest is the “hedgehog concept”, which is a strategy of focusing hard on the thing you can do better than anyone else, and repeating it over and over.

Time-Tellers and Clockmakers

If you’re a CEO or business owner, you might feel that you have to be more charismatic; louder; or more motivational. As my company grew, I felt that I needed to become a larger inspirational “presence” to my team and my clients. But, as Jim Collins discovered in his six-year study of companies that last, this isn’t true.

Gaps, Gains and Gratitude

Entrepreneurs spend most of their time looking for the next problem to solve. They live in “the gap”.
This is often good for business, but bad for the entrepreneur.
Here’s how to build the habit of living in “The Gain”.

Does Canada Lack an Entrepreneurial Culture?

More than ever, our kids will have to create their own careers.Jobs in middle management, 30-year positions with IBM, lifetime gigs protected by tenure–these are industrial-era dinosaurs that are slowly disappearing. And according to Scott Stirrett in this Globe and

The Five Filters For New Ideas

Are you on that new social media platform yet? You know, the one with the app from that guy who does that other thing? All of your friends are talking about it – why aren’t you on there?! While we’re

The Swamp of Perfection

“Nobody can do this as well as I can!” – every entrepreneur, ever “Never mind. I’ll just do it myself!!!” – every human who thinks they’re saving time Early in my career as a fitness coach, a mentor told me

The 4-Stage Easy Meditation Strategy

If you’ve listened to an interview with a CEO you admire, you’ve probably heard them mention meditation. Most founders and coaches know they *should* meditate, but they’re so distracted that they can’t sit still for 20 minutes. Then they feel

Flow State

Flow state is a short period of intense focus where you feel totally in control, very productive and like you’re moving quickly. Athletes describe Flow State as being “in the zone” or “dialled in”. Entrepreneurs can make their best decisions;

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