Daily Directive: 160424

Project Focus: Skill

Instead of building a business metric this week, we’re going to build your focus.

Most businesses are limited by the skills of the CEO more than the specific tactics it employs to grow. Put another way, the CEO is the ceiling of the business. Grow the CEO, grow the company.

The ability to Focus is a meta-skill that will help you in every area of your life.

Today: do a Time Audit.

You’ll need to wear a watch and carry a blank sheet of lined paper (or a notebook) with you.

Break down your day into 15-minute intervals. The top line of the page is the time you wake up. The next line is 15 minutes later, etc.

For example, if you wake at 6am, your first line is 6:00; your next line is 6:15; your next line is 6:30; etc.

Carry the paper with you all week.

Record what you’re doing every 15 minutes. Be very specific.

You’re not planning anything yet; you’re just auditing your time. Don’t judge yourself; like every element of our businesses, we seek improvement, not perfection. Be honest, and know that we’ll improve.

Like everything else in your business, you improve what you measure. Most of us are good at tracking our Simple Six metrics, but really poor at tracking our time. Out of a typical workday, we might spend an hour or two actually growing our business. What would happen if you spent 50% more time–or even double–in a state of focused growth?

Why are SKILLS so important? Listen here:

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