Daily Directive: 080524

Project Focus: HEAD

Now that you’ve collected four new business connections, it’s time to take your relationship a tiny step further.

Send this email to each one individually.

“Hey theirname!

It’s (yourname) here. It was great to meet you this week.

Here’s what we do: we’re a (type of business.)

[describe your business in a short paragraph.]

I’ve always been curious about what you do.

Can you give me a bit more info? If you’d rather grab a coffee sometime, let’s do that instead!

[signature with your phone number]

What we’re trying to do here is start conversations. You want your neighbors to know and like you – their clients are asking about you already, and you want your neighbors to encourage their clients to send people to you.

The first step is the intro (which you’ve done, with coffee). The next step is a question. The third is an invitation – which we’ll do tomorrow.

This project started April 30. Start there.

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