Daily Directive: 090424

Project Focus: EHR

Does your business work for you, or do you work for it?

If you feel like you’re grinding hard, but only the landlord and the tax man are making money off your labor, this project is for you. We’re going to get your business out of your head; make it operate to your standard without your presence; and buy back your time to do other things.

The first step is to record every business process to your standard.

Today, when you drive to your business, take a notepad and a pen.

Write down where you park. Why do you park in the furthest spot from the door?
Write down the steps you take to open your business. Which key unlocks the door? Where are the light switches?
Continue until you have an “Opening Checklist”.
It’s best to write this as if an 8th-grader will be showing up to open your business tomorrow. That forces you to think at a level of simplicity that anyone can follow.
Try not to skip steps – while your brain will fill in the gaps, nobody else will.

What do ARM, LEG, EHR, ROI, HEAD and NOB mean? Click here

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