Daily Directive: 170424

Project Focus: Skill

This week, we’re building the skill of FOCUS.

Yesterday, you started a Time Audit. Today, we’re going to take control of your time.

Continue the Time Audit for the rest of the week. But you’ve probably already noticed a few opportunities – times during the day when you aren’t sure what to do with your time. Since our brains abhor a vacuum, we usually “kill time” on social media or watching TV or some other passive activity.

Instead, we’re going to adopt a new mantra:

“Every day, do one thing to grow your business before you do anything else.”

That means you’re going to block out ONE hour, every day, to focus on growing your business.

Start with yesterday’s time audit: where is there an hour to grow your business?

Block off that hour from your calendar. Do not accept appointments during that time for business OR personal items.

The hour must be:


A full 60 minutes

Done in a silent environment (behind a closed door)


For me, this means I block off my “Golden Hour” first thing in the morning – from 5:30am to 6:30am, before pets need to go out, kids need to be woken, or email needs to be checked. I invest in my golden hour before I do anything else.

What do I do in that hour? One thing to grow my business. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about what that specific thing is. But your job today is to establish a spot for your Golden Hour. Set up a desk in a quiet spot with a door that closes and a phone that won’t ring.

This project started on April 16, 2024. Start there.

Why are SKILLS so important? Listen here:

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