Daily Directive: 240524

Daily Task: 15 minutes

Friday- Set up your social media for next week. 

Project Focus: LEG

Set up messages between appointments.

If you want to keep a client around for a long time, you have to maintain a conversation even when they’re not in your physical business.

That means reminders – but it can also mean education.

How can they best sustain the progress they’ve made?
How can they enjoy the benefits of your service more?

Your blog posts should educate and inspire. All of your clients should hear from you at least twice per week through your blog and email series. But you can also set up automatic emails and texts at certain waypoints.

For example:
Personal Training – send a message the day after their first visit with a link to a video about stretching
Dentist – send a video after a checkup about “keeping that brilliant white for longer”
Nutritionist – send an email with a grocery list
Car detailing – sent a text with a video about keeping your tires clean

These are all helpful tips to keep your client engaged, in a conversation AND getting more from your service.
What do you wish your clients would do in between appointments?
What could they do on their own time to help them get more value from their purchase?
Schedule these auto-emails or texts for the first 3 appointments a new client will have.

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