How We Use AI

Two-Brain Business is a 1:1 mentorship practice. We rely strongly on human intelligence and empathy (the “two brains”).

But we also use artificial intelligence to help our mentors diagnose problems, identify opportunities and prescribe action. This creates better results for our clients…and faster. While mentorship is always a personal connection, we have clarity that no one else does. Here’s how we use it.

  1. We use industry data to establish averages.
  2. We measure our clients’ data against the averages.
  3. We display our clients’ progress against the rest of the industry.
  4. A graphic display makes opportunities obvious.

  5. The opportunities help mentors make clearer prescriptions.
  6. Clearer prescriptions create faster results.

For example, using the above steps:
1 – we collect industry data to create averages.
2 – every month, our clients enter THEIR data. We graph it against their past results to show growth.
3 – then we compare their data against industry averages.
4 – we can identify lagging metrics to highlight the largest opportunities (in this case, ARM.)
5 – mentors can choose from an array of tactics to improve the lagging metric.
6 – when a tactic has been chosen for the gym owner, they click through to find a full course, with everything they need – instructions, templates, and sometimes even a done-for-them option.

Then we track their improvements and use that data to make our courses even better.

This level of sophistication doesn’t exist anywhere else in the fitness business. Most other fitness business coaching companies rely on the n=1 experience of their founder (or, in the worst cases, the untested opinions of their founder.)

In fact, this level of intelligence doesn’t exist in most businesses, because it’s extremely hard and expensive to produce. It requires data…but it also requires trust. While we track hundreds of gyms around the world, our partners track thousands. Our partners trust us, and we share data back and forth. Human connection makes the artificial intelligence possible.

Likewise, knowing “the next best step” isn’t enough. A mentor must still make the knowledge actionable and–the hard part!–get the business owner to act.

For this reason, it will be a long time before any artificial intelligence or “bot” will replace humans as mentors as coaches. But we can use the technology NOW to supercharge mentorship by making opportunities more obvious; prescriptions more powerful; and results more rapid.

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