Daily Directive: 130424

Project Focus: EHR

Finish your staff playbook.

Add SOPs for every action in your business.

Add waivers, incident report forms, payment authorization forms, checklists and everything your staff would need to find if you weren’t there.

Your playbook can include links to videos of you demonstrating how to do things, if that’s easier than explaining on paper, but a good playbook is really a series of checklists.

Be clear and simple.

Your playbook should pass the “hit by a bus” test: if you were hit by a bus today, your staff should be able to come in to work, open this playbook and run the business. You are making your business turnkey for someone else.

Update the table of contents.

This might be a multi-hour process, but once you’ve done it the first time, you’ll never have to build it from scratch again. Tomorrow is a rest day – finish today!

This project started on April 9, 2024. Start with that step.

What do ARM, LEG, EHR, ROI, HEAD and NOB mean? Click here

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