Daily Directive: 020624

Project: Set Up Your Recurring Daily Tasks

For the next 7 days, we’re going to start the Marketing tasks that you’ll repeat every week.

They are:

Monday: Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Tuesday – Distribute Monday’s content on IG, FB, to your public FB group, your email list, and Google My Business

Wednesday – Publish one blog post or Quickcast.

Thursday – Mine your Leads.

Friday- Schedule up your social media for next week. 

Saturday – take 10 client pictures or record 2 video interviews.

Today – send a “weekly preview” message to your staff.

This is ‘internal marketing, and it’s just as important as all of your other marketing. This is what keeps your staff excited about your gym and their place in it. Just as you have to sell strangers on fitness, and sell your clients on continuing to train with you, you have to sell your staff on the vision and the future. When staff run out of future at your gym, they’ll quit to start their own, or quit to join the new gym down the street. And if all they hear from you is rules and operating procedures and evaluations, they won’t feel as if they’re being successful.

These ‘weekly preview’ messages are either a short post or a private Quickcast.

You can post in a private staff group on Facebook or Slack, or you can send a private voice message to your team (because it’s much smaller than your client or public lists).

Here’s the format:

1 – a lesson you learned this week (ideally from one of them)

2 – what’s coming next week
3 – why you’re excited about next week.

My weekly preview to gym staff would look like this:

1 – here’s a great tip I learned from Coach Jessica this week (this makes Jessica feel important and lets staff know you value them)

2 – a quick preview of next week’s group programming, and the intent of each workout (this works better than doing long lectures about aerobic vs anaerobic training, and helps them explain the workouts to your clients)

3 – something that’s going really well in the gym OR something coming up that clients and staff will love.

Send this early Sunday morning. Keep it short, or it will be ‘one more thing’ for them to learn and remember. This should make their life easier, not be one more unpaid requirement of their job.

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