Daily Directive: 070120

Daily Update The goal is to get your message believed, not just noticed. Good stories are: True Relatable (people can put themselves in your shoes) Consistent (told in your own voice) Much shorter than you

Daily Directive: 063020

Daily Update When You Open a Business, You Become a Storyteller. Your story is the common thread that runs through your media. The public, your staff and your clients don’t see you—they see your story.

Daily Directive: 062620

You’re burned out. You need a break. Everyone does: from new coaches to veteran owners to CEOs of huge fitness companies. But how can you leave? How can you take a break? How can you

Daily Directive: 062520

Daily Update To stop the feelings of constant stress and overwhelm, you need to separate the signal from the noise. Who should you listen to? Who will listen to your rants? Who will help carry

Daily Directive: 062420

Daily Update The last three months have been rough. You’ve built the “fight or flight” part of your brain…and now it’s out there looking for trouble. I know you can’t stop looking at your phone.

Daily Directive: 062320

The purpose of this blog is to inspire entrepreneurship. Sometimes inspiration means “removing barriers to action”. Overwhelm holds entrepreneurs back more than any other barrier. Especially in times of change, it’s easy to become paralyzed

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