The Five Steps To Training Staff

No matter what field you’re in, you can build a staff training program following these five steps. If you’re a business coach, you can help your clients do the same. Take this model and apply


Do one thing to grow your business, every day, before you do anything else.

Why You Can’t Keep Clients

Most coaching businesses don’t need better marketing to get more clients. Instead, they need to keep the clients they have longer. Read more about the siren song of “More Clients!” here. There are two reasons

“More Clients!”-The Siren Song

What would you do if 100 clients tried to join your practice today? Like most entrepreneurs, I once believed the myth that I could solve all of my business problems if I just had more

How to Get Big Results In 1/10th The Time

If you could spend 1 hour doing something – or 10 hours – and get the same results, which one would you pick? Of course, most of us would choose one hour. But in truth,

Why To Make More Money

Make lots of money. Give it away. I know, I know–everything else you read on social media is called “HOW To Make More Money”. But if you’re like me, nobody ever told you why you

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